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Simplified & Easy Workflows

Plan a lesson with an easy workflow. All features for seamless planning. All tools for AFL.


No need to spend time on making presentations. Planning creates presentations autonomously.


Get feedback on the lesson.

Get approval of the lesson.


Simplified & multi-purpose features on the smartboard for effective teaching & learning. Various features to control students’ activities during a lesson.


Differentiation Tools


Tools for Differentiation Easily create differentiated tasks.

Easily assign differentiated tasks to groups.


Tools for difficulty level. Add explanation.

Set questions as per difficulty levels of students.

Hybrid Mode

Group 11.png

Use the same tool whether learning is campus-based  or distance education


Use one tool whether teaching, learning, taking    the exam, assigning practice and target, or preparing for assessment(AFL or   summative)

In-time Data Insight


Teacher Dashboard

  • In-time data display of all lessons.

  • Track students’ work submission, track target & practice.

  • Display of lesson approvals, lesson  submissions & assigned lessons


Student Dashboard

  • Easy display of lesson timetable.

  • Easy way to enter classroom & submission.

  • Display of target & practice.


School Dashboard

  • Track progress of all teachers of all  Lessons.

  • Track progress of all students in all lessons.


Parent Dashboard

  • Data display of lessons for their kids.

  • Parents could track the progress of their kids in lessons, tests & assessments.

  • Parents could support their kids through practice & targets.


A detailed progress report of students’ learning during a lesson.

Easy links to retrieve learning progress journeys.


Report for parents

Reports of every lesson to know what & how kids learned in a lesson.

Reinforce areas of development.

Follow up on a target & practice assigned by a teacher.


Data Report for School & Teachers

A data-driven approach with data reports of lessons, practice, targets & assessments of students. Easy links to retrieve teaching & learning progress journeys. Easy analysis of data according to gender, nationality & ability groups.

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