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Are we Teachers who are data analyst?

The role a teacher is changing into a data analyst who would have to sieve through huge amount of data to find information that would be backed up as an evidence of effective practices implemented in a classroom.

Data and record keeping has been a powerful

source towards tracking growth of humanity. Today we can look back from those records and data to compare, analyze and speculate future.

No other era has been as data-wise as the 21st century. The biggest network called www(word wide web) has become a cauldron for crunching data for every activity world wide. Today every business and their balance-sheets are a summary of numbers that generates huge information for both stakeholders and clients.

With large data base, people can make better choices and lead smooth functioning of their businesses or trades.

The era of ‘big data’

All the activity of an individual on internet is being analyzed to extract information. This process has taken the world by storm lately. Data mining has sipped in everything; from a website, an app to a single click of a net surfer. The simple example is the tailored advert while surfing the web. A single click by a net surfer reaches millions of data crunchers who would meet the needs of millions of client hungry businesses. Hence all the advert projected, on your side panels of the screen, while browsing websites would target your search curiosity.

Data Analyst

The role and job of data analyst is and will be the job of future till the combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and quantum computer merges together. A piece of news published about US visa authority & future modification to its policy is worth noting. The US visit visa will be issued only after analyzing 5 years of web search history of an individual. This piece of news demonstrates how much information can be extracted from available data through analyzing online presence of an individual. Data is not a bug bear but a complex information among numbers that provides clarity to take informed decisions.

Teacher dominated era

In the past, the teaching was dominated by teachers and hence their words were final judgement on progress of teaching and learning. However, in the present era, data-wise decisions have become a pillar for charting roadmap of success collectively by various stakeholders in education.

Teacher as a data analyst

The knowledge of collecting and analyzing teachers could assist in taking best educational decisions for learners. Moreover, it also allows teachers to self reflect upon their own pedagogy. With data in hand, teachers could identify areas of concern and plan intervention or extension of learning for their pupils.

Similarly, compiled data can provide teachers with concrete information about their own proficiency, areas of strength and areas of development. All this information through data would help to chart the learning journey of both teachers and learners.

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